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Praise be to Allaah. When a woman wears perfume, the ruling depends on the situation: 1 – Using perfume for the husband. This is mustahabb and recommended, because it is part of treating him kindly, and it helps to increase love between the spouses, when each of them pays attentionKNOW MORE

Praise be to Allaah. The basic principle regarding colours of clothes for men and women is that all colours are permissible except where there is a shar’i text forbidding a certain colour for men or women. There are shar’i texts which encourage the wearing of certain colours and forbid theKNOW MORE

Assalamu’alaikum Number one, jilbaab is not just about ‘modesty’, it’s about doing what Allaah commands you have to do. You can be modest without covering your hair and you can be immodest in a niqaab. 2. Be cautious of judging the way other Muslim girls dress and act. It hasKNOW MORE