Top Tips How To Wear Abaya Beautifully

All the hijabistas looking for latest style abaya designs and ideas on how to wear abaya to look glamorous. Alhamdulillaah this post is for you. Stay focused to get some highly valuable tips.

  1. Abaya Designs

Basically, abaya designs are the combination of unique ideas, dark colors, latest cuts and traditional themes. These days, women would love to wear them in a wide range of bright colors which gives a graceful and elegant impression to every woman personality.

Abaya Design | source: Instagram
Abaya Design
Abaya Top Tips Style
abaya top tips style

However, our most favorite color when it comes to sequinned abayas is definitely pinkish or rose gold abaya with golden colored sequin. This is a great combination for formal wear and would look great on anyone.

Images from internet

2. What Shoes do you wear with your abaya.

With an Abaya or a Kaftan, you want the perfect pair of shoes, the one that’s going to peak through its length, flatter it, and give it more flow. Here are a few simple ways to help guide you pick the perfect pair:

The Casual Abaya: For a casual look, go for flat shoes or pointed ones with all the different colors and designs, you play around with them and pick the ones most flattering to your look.

Images from internet

The Dress-like Abaya: Recently Abayas designed like dresses have been very popular and in. They are usually made from cotton or lycra, and as for the design, it is very simple with plain colors and no embellishments. In this case, you will want to accessorize a lot! Go for shoes that are flat and have an open toe to flatter the minimalistic look.

The Night Out Abaya: If you’re going for a more glamours Abaya with some color and glam, don’t forget to go for the heel!. Take your night out look all the way and let heel move your Abaya’s ends perfectly.

Dusty Rose Abaya by Mauzan
Abaya Style
Images: Anna Hariri

The Laid-back Abaya: White sneakers or mules are your best friend here. These Abayas are for your lazy mornings. It has minimal details and an easy-breezy look.

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